The 7 Best AI Audio Tools in 2024

The world of audio production is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). AI-powered audio tools are bringing a wave of automation and innovation to the industry, empowering creators to enhance their work and streamline their workflows.

If you’re looking to explore the potential of AI in audio, here are seven of the best AI audio tools to consider:

1. Adobe Audition: Adobe Audition is a comprehensive audio editing software that has recently integrated AI-powered features. Its AI tools include Dialogue Isolate, which automatically removes background noise from dialogue recordings, and Auto Ducking, which reduces the volume of background music when speech occurs.

2. LANDR: LANDR is an AI-powered audio mastering tool that promises to provide professional-sounding masters in minutes. It analyzes your audio and applies AI algorithms to optimize its balance, dynamics, and clarity. LANDR is particularly useful for independent musicians and podcasters who want a quick and easy way to improve the quality of their recordings.

3. LALAL.AI: LALAL.AI is a web-based AI tool that specializes in removing vocals from any audio track. It utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify and isolate vocals while preserving the instrumental parts. LALAL.AI is a valuable tool for creating karaoke tracks, sample-based music, or remixing existing songs.

4. Descript: Descript is a cloud-based audio editing and transcription platform that incorporates AI to streamline workflows. Its AI transcription engine converts audio to text in real-time, allowing you to search, edit, and share transcripts without transcribing the audio yourself. Descript also offers AI-powered features for enhancing audio quality, removing background noise, and transcribing multiple speakers.

5. Adobe Podcast AI: Adobe Podcast AI is a suite of AI tools specifically designed for podcasters. Its features include AI transcription, AI audio cleanup, and AI-powered music generation. Podcast AI can help you create high-quality podcasts with minimal effort, from transcribing interviews to generating background music.

6. Mubert: Mubert is an AI-powered music generation tool that can create original background music in various genres. It explores a vast database of musical patterns and melodies to generate unique and engaging compositions based on your preferences. Mubert is ideal for creating background music for podcasts, videos, or presentations.

7. Voicemod AI: Voicemod AI is an AI voice changer tool that can transform your voice into a variety of characters or effects. It utilizes AI algorithms to generate realistic and natural-sounding voices, perfect for adding a touch of fun and creativity to your videos, gaming sessions, or online interactions.

These seven AI audio tools represent just a small sample of the many innovative solutions that are emerging in the field. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more powerful and sophisticated AI tools that will revolutionize the way we create and consume audio content.

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